Spaces for community: multi-family homes and multi-use buildings

Our multi-family, mixed use buildings represent the best of Hornrock because they are spaces for community.
Ideally situated near commerce, workplaces, and transportation, our multi-family homes also provide spaces where people can get together in leisure, relaxation and fun.

These spaces for community create a balance between work and play, between privacy and an engagement with the world.
Through the multi-family buildings that we create, we are privileged to help create an invaluable equilibrium in people’s lives.

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Spaces for opportunity: commercial space

We grow our portfolio with iconic commercial space because we believe that the spaces that surround us have the ability to inspire great thinking and constructive ideas. Commercial spaces are epicenters of innovation and genius, and we actively include them in the Hornrock portfolio.

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Spaces for family: single family homes and luxury town homes

We believe that a home can foster family, relationships and lifestyles and so we build single family and townhomes that are life enhancing. Maximizing interior spaces to create spaciousness, utilizing high end materials that add comfortable luxury, and orienting homes in smart and functional layouts, we are proud to create spaces where friendship and family can thrive.

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